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How do you verify self-employment for a job background check as a new Uber orLyft driver, driving less than 4 months and with no 1099 filed?
You asked How do you verify selfemployment for a job background check as a new Uberor Lyft driver driving less than 4 months and with no 1099 filedA 1099MISC is a once yearly occurrance.If you’ve been working more than 3 months as an independent contractor it’simpossible that you did not • or at least you should have • paid estimatedtaxes on a quarterly basis.Given quarter boundaries on average someone who starts at some random datewill have a 50 chance of needing to file within 1.5 months.So if you are going on 4 months you should have your tax documents which youcan use as proof of employment as an independent contractor.Another circumstantial indicator would be your deposit history. Typically speaking any time I’ve worked as a contractor I’ve scanned a copyof the checks that were used to pay me for my work. This protects me in thecase that the employer fails to provide a 1099MISC because they consider thepayments “under the table” while I consider them taxable income.If the IRS comes after me later looking for a 1099MISC that I can’t givethem I have the scanned records instead. It’s fairly rare the IRS will comeafter you claiming you have unreported income …but in California the StateFranchise Tax Board has it down to an art form in the same way de Sade hadtorture down. Keep your paperwork in order I suspect that Uber or Lyft would be willing to make available a history ofpayments to you that you could print out or that they could print out andsend if it’s not already a “dashboard” option.
What program tracks and sends out 1099s for independent contractors forcompanies like Uber, Lyft, etc.? We have a startup and want to make sure thatthe contractor can get their 1099 form, and then we or them e-file itautomatically.
Further Context to my questionSo being a startup we are using a payment processor not Stripe. BlueSnap. Wewant to make sure we are set with tax and w9 forms sending out 1099s etc. Howdoes Uber Lyft UpWork and all these contractor sites know who gets a 1099What program specifically do they use to track all this information Pleaselook at Payable Contractor Payments Benefits Taxes as that is what wewere going to use but we are not using stripe so that is not an option butthere must be other solutions out there like them What do they use to trackand then send out the 1099s to the contractors as well as then file them withthe IRS. What software or programs do this as we dont want to use Breezy HRwhich is doing benefits and all that extra stuff we dont need that we jutneed to send out the tax form to the contractor and then file it Verysimple
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