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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing 1099 k uber

Instructions and Help about 1099 k uber

This today is about uber taxes okay now let me just tell you right off the RIP I'm not getting ready to regurgitate the same stuff that y'all have seen or may have not seen on YouTube because I've watched all of those videos yes I've taken 45 minutes out of my life and I've watched those videos to see what they were giving you and what they were not giving you okay so I do want to say that not all the videos of crappy I do want to give a shout out to Harry over at the rideshare guy he's got some pretty good tax information so I'm gonna list that in one of my resource videos that I'm gonna give you at the end of this but the rest of that stuff hmm I don't really know but um so you guys know when I give you a video I'm gonna bring to the table something that no one has showed you before something that is very very valuable something that will keep you being a simple driver okay so you guys know that I make a ton of money with uber but how am i keeping that money in my pocket how am i following my taxes how am i preparing for taxes right how am I getting ready how do I track my expenses for deductions and all that stuff right so let's get into that number one um I found all my taxes up under an umbrella so I have my main company cut I told you this is not my only this is you guys known for taught for a lot of stuff so I have my main company and it's an LLC and under that LLC I have the simple driver you saying how Calvin how do you do that well what you do is what you have an LLC you can file for what they call fictitious names or whatever and or you can file for you know like a DBA which is doing business and you can register in business as DBA okay now right off the RIP I want to let you know that I'm getting ready to give you some golden nuggets but let me say first okay for legal purposes I am NOT a CPA I am NOT a bookkeeper so the information that I'm giving to you is just information you can choose to use it or not but I promise you is really good okay here we go let's get down to it all right so if you cannot afford a CPA or bookkeeper that which is what I have the reason I have is I have one company that I started ten years ago and I have another company part of that started 15 years ago okay so I have a little bit of knowledge about how to file taxes as a business owner so let me help you guys out of that.